2017-07-04 - NEW CD!!! SAT176/ MHP 17-231 HUMANITY ZERO Withered in Isolation!!!

A joint release of Satanath Records with More Hate Productions: new album by Greek doom/ death metal band!!!

2017-07-03 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17-229/ SODP096 ASTARIUM "Drum-Ghoul"!!!

A joint release of Symbol Of Domination with More Hate Productions: new album by Russian symphonic black metal band!!!

2017-06-14 - NEW CD!!! NP-017-17/ MHP 17-223/ PR008 CHEVAUCHEE Phrenolepsia!!!

A joint release of More Hate, Narcoleptica Productions and Pest Records: The debut album by the depressive black/ doom metal band from Russia!!!

2017-06-09 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17-226 DARGONOMEL "Astazebian"!!!

The third full-length album by Russian black/ death metal band!!!

2017-06-05 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17- 227 ELEGIS Superhuman Syndrome!!!

The debut album by the Norwegian death metal band!!!

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