2017-01-09 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-204 SOLARFALL "Ice"!!!

Debut full-length album by russian black metal band from Krasnoyarsk!!!

2016-12-29 - NEW CD!!! NP-009-16/ MHP 16-191 FULGURUM Człowiekskrywazło!!!

A joint release of More Hate and Narcoleptica: The third album by the black metal band from Poland!!!

2016-12-23 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-206 MOONGATES GUARDIAN The Eagles Song!!!

The new full-length album by the fantasy black metal band from Kaliningrad!!!

2016-12-21 - NEW CD!!! NP-012-16/ MHP 16-207/ GSP 036 VOCIFERA Evil Thoughts!!!

A joint release of More Hate, Narcoleptica and Grotesque Sounds Productions: the first full-length album by the Brazilian thrash metal band!!!

2016-12-10 - NEW CD!!! MHP 16-209 V/A VOLGA Metal Compilation Vol.1!!!

First CD compilation by VOLGA Metal Community!!!

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