2018-02-16 - NEW CD!!! NP-044-18/ MHP 18-259 HORRORAISER Impatenaris!!!

A joint release of More Hate and Narcoleptica Productions: The second album by Russian death metal band!

2018-02-13 - NEW CD!!! MHP 18-258/ DNR 043 GRIND CUTS 4 Way: Nervous Impulse (Canada)/ Meat Cutting Floor (Russia)/ Japanische Kampförspiele (Germany)/ Brud (Ukraine)!!!

A joint release of More Hate Productions and Darknagar Records: The new split CD by 4 grind core bands!!!

2018-02-05 - NEW CD!!! NP-039-18/ MHP 18-253 EDGEFLAME Beyond The Pale Carcass!!!

More Hate and Narcoleptica Productions present new album of thrash metal band from Turkey!

2018-01-22 - NEW CD!!! MHP 18-257 SAINTORMENT "Defective Mind"!!!

The new full-length album by the thrash metal band from Latvia!!!

2018-01-16 - NEW CD!!! NP 029-17/ MHP 17-248/ RTR CD 005/ UXCFI06 VAINA ""Viisikärki"!!!

A joint release of Narcoleptica Productions, More Hate Productions, Red Truth Records and United by Chaos Productions: The first full-length album by Finnish black metal band!

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