2011-03-15 - NEW!!! MHP 10-072 CD AMENTIA "Incurable Disease"!!!

The third album by studio death metal project from Minsk!

2011-03-11 - NEW!!! MHP 10-076 CD DAMMERUNG "Dark Poetry"!!!

Russian release of new DAMMERUNG's album "Dark Poetry"!!!

2011-02-21 - NEW CD!!! MHP 10-077 DEHYDRATED Duality of Existence!!!

The debut album by brutal death metal/death core band!

2011-02-21 - NEW CD!!! MHP 10-074 CHYSTA KRYNYCYA Simfonija Zhittja!!!

The fourth long awaited album of Ukrainian folk black metal heroes is out now!

2011-02-14 - NEW CD!!! MHP 11-083 CD DEFERUM SACRUM "Septicaemia"!!!

The debut album by the black metal band from Kiev!

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