2009-06-05 - DAGOR DAGORATH "Yetzer Ha" will be out in August 2009!

DAGOR DAGORATH debut album "Yetzer Ha'Ra will be released this summer under two labels at once, the Dutch Ziekte-NL and the Russian MORE HATE Productions!

Some details about the album:

Sound engineering was made by Miko at Metal sound Studios (AEBA, Necrodaemon, Whorecore). Graphics were made by the infamous graphic designer Seth Siro Anton (SEPTIC FLESH, MOOONSPELL, VADER, BELPHEGOR ? PARADISE LOST).

Yetzer Ha'Ra will be released at the end of the summer, by More Hate Productions from Russia and Ziekte-NL from Netherlands.

Track list of "Yetzer Ha'Ra":

1. The Hell in Heaven

2. The devil on the chain.

3. Heaven in Hell

4. The maze of madness

5. Vicious circle

6. The Call

7. Wind Cry

Site of the band:

2009-05-20 - NEW CD!!! MHP 08 056 CD UNLUCKY BURIED Blast from the Underground

Debut album from Unlucky Buried from Belarus is out now!

2009-05-19 - NEW CD!!! MHP 09 059 CD FAR FROM MIND Breakpoint '33

Dark Metal album from Far From Mind (Krasnodar)!

2009-03-22 - New web site of MORE HATE PRODUCTIONS

More Hate is proud to announce a new web site! Now you can find all complete information about our activities, releases, bands and our full catalog at:

2009-03-20 - 3 NEW RELEASES of More Hate Productions are ready

CD HORROR GOD "Cold Shine" debut album of mid tempo black/death metal band

CD ATOLL NERAT "Two Pipes To Heaven" re-released version of successful album of 2006, originally released by Irond Records!

CD PERVERSUS STIGMATA "Interstellar Hatred Void" debut album of Symphonic black metal brigade from Moscow

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