2011-02-14 - NEW CD!!! MHP 11-083 CD DEFERUM SACRUM "Septicaemia"!!!

The debut album by the black metal band from Kiev!

2011-01-15 - NEW CD!!! MHP 10-079 CD DIVULTION УEnd of HumanityФ!

The debut album by the Ukranian rippers is out!!!

2010-11-22 - END1 "Beginning of the End" is out!!!

More Hate presents debut MCD of End1, death metal band from St. Petersburg.

2010-10-31 - NEW!!! MHP 10-072 MENTAL HOME "Mirrorland"!!!

MENTAL HOME are back!!! After 10 years of silence the stratospheric dark metal band comes back to continue the way up to the heights of musical Olympus with the old power preserved and new potential accumulated! For the present in expectation of a new album, More Hate begins the reissue of all 5 albums of the band with renovated sound and artwork completed with unique bonus-tracks which have never been either issued or even distributed among fans before!

2010-09-13 - NEW CD!!! MHP 10-071 FRIGUS ET OBSCURUM УVol. 1Ф!

More Hate presents the debut album of black metal band Frigus Et Obscurum

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