2005-04-18 - NEW!!! MHP 05-037 CD BLACK SHADOW "Call of the Death"

Nihilistic radical satanic black metal (with member of Ashen Light!) / Russia

2005-04-16 - NEW!!! MHP 05-034 CD SEMARGL "Attack on God"

Band perform monolith antichristian black/death metal on high speed of playing with various styled vocals from brutal and guttural to screaming and very harsh black metal vokills. Also absolutely tremendous crystal sound recorded by Slawek & Woitek Wieslawski from famous and well known Hertz Studio (Hell Born, Decapitated etc).

2005-03-15 - NEW BAND on MHP: FATAL PORTRAIT (sophisticated black metal from Spain)

More Hate Productions announce new signing with sophisticated black metal band FATAL PORTRAIT from Spain to their new album -"Adventum". (

More details soon!

You can check now MP3 of song from new album

2005-02-08 - NEW CD!!! MHP 04-030 CD ASGUARD "Wicca"

Re-release of debut album of this great melodic death metal band! With un-released bonus tracks! Asguard can be described as brutal and extreme as any of their brethren. But when these Belarus death metallers scale back the jack-hammering blast beats and weave complex Maidenesque guitar melodies into their aural blasphemy.

For more information see the section RELEASE

2005-02-08 - NEW!!! MHP 05-032 CD THERM. EYE. FLAME "To Evolution!?"

New Therm. Eye. Flame CD "TO EVOLUTION?!" have finally left the conveyer!!! Style of the project is Modernized Black metal as well as previous once but now with strong influence from electro industrial music, very depressive and nihilistic. Total time 49 minutes.

For more information see the section RELEASE

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