2017-06-05 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17- 227 ELEGIS Superhuman Syndrome!!!

The debut album by the Norwegian death metal band!!!

2017-06-01 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17-225 IGNITION "Reshaesh tolko ty!!!

The second album by the Russian heavy metal band!!!

2017-05-23 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17-222 DYING "No Mercy For Us"!!!

The second full-length album by death metal band from Spain!!!

2017-05-11 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17-224 HELLBOMB "Crown of Skulls"!!!

The new EP by the Russian black metal/ hardcore band!!!

2017-04-20 - NEW CD!!! MHP 17-221 UNGOLIANTHA Through the Chaos, Through Time, Through the Death!!!

Reissue of the full-length album of the Ukrainian black metal band!!!

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