2004-10-15 - ASHEN LIGHT - "Stary Bilini/ Slavyanskie vechera" // MHP 010 CD

Slavonic pagan atmospheric music. Ashen Light performed melodic black metal in veins of Burzum with Slavonic folk roots and slightly atmospheric tunes. You hear ancient call of Nature and Mother Russia! Really impressive work!

MARKETING AND PROMOTION Consumer ads to run in: M-Magazine, Necronomicon, Painkiller, Ablaze, Legacy, Rock Hard, Heavy Order Was? & many more. Hundreds of fanzines & regionals will also be included in the advertising and reviewing attack. Promotional copies available upon request.

2004-10-15 - KATAR - "Paradigma Digitized" // MHP 0069-069 CD

Katar perform interesting mix of various metal styles such as black and death metal, industrial, dark wave, ambient. It's a project of two famous Russian musicians which hidden here under names Al' Con. Cept and Pattern Zero. If you want to imagine the sonic Apocalypse of Katar try to mix Rammstein, Samael, Gloomy Grim, Morbid Angel and so on. We don't know what is the Katar exactly!? But it's brutal, harsh, electronic, scandalous and very dark metal style. It's a metal of new Generation.

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