IMPACT "Voennyj Ritual"

The bands name in English is Impakt and I am going to use this word to ease reading the review. Voennyj Ritual aka Military Ritual is second album from them, released 3 years after their first one - Syny Voyni (Sons of War). It does not take long to know that the album is sung in Russian, but I assure you that Impakt has a good vocalist and I have no problem in hearing this specific and original language... I am totally surprised by music of this band. This is melodic, super energetic, here and there technical and aggressive thrash metal album that really kicks ass. Music sounds very mature and the greater part of guitar and drum arrangements are perfect to listen to. If you like atrocious intensity of Exodus Ц Impakt has it for you. If you like some guitar mastery and sophisticated melodies and guitar solos ala Jeff Waters from Annihilator Ц Impakt has it for you too. If you are a fan of German thrash, they recorded Kreator cover song for your hearing pleasure. I think that Military Ritual somehow merges German and American Bay Area thrash on this album but still, it is basically impossible to dislike original Impakt songs. I encourage you to listening to music from under the fingers of these two guitarists; Viktor Buznaev and Yury Maksakov Ц they have done enormously great job on this album. It is mainly because of them and their music imagination I became the fan of this record. A lot of very fast drum beats (almost death metalish) is something little unexpected from them but anyway, the thrash metal purity of this album is not to be undermined. Do not let Impakt disappear from your radar!

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