PORTFIRE "At The Wrong Time"

Portfire is basically two persons - Serg who plays on almost all instruments and Dmitry who sits behind the drum kit. The band comes from Saint Petersburg/ Russia and be aware - At The Wrong Time is good news for fans of Motorhead. Sergs vocals are in manner of Lemmy (RIP) so much that it is almost unbelievable how close both gentlemen sing-vocal wise. It must be written that the influence of Motorhead on Portfire is big, if not colossal. You can find all possible similarities in bass tuning, in the production of the album and in style of the music. However, it does not bother me and I do not think that such influence can make me like this album more or less. Simply, At The Wrong Time is very good album with tracks that triggers the superb vibe for the music. The Portfires songs are so much a joy – pure rock-n-roll ride, both musically and lyrically. The easiness of songs is adorable. The dirt of music and catchy melodies "smell" like a powder from the gun just fired. Maybe if it was a matter of 1-2 songs that I only like, I would not care so much about it. But hell, men, this record is really solid, almost entirely and has true rock-n-roll feeling to it that make your mind fly high like an eagle. Portfire have my attention for the music they recorded for this album and hopefully their songs will hit you too. At The Wrong Time lyrics are about gambling, booze, Wild-West stories which blend in perfectly into dust of the sound where music of the band is honest and passionate. There are many shaped tunes like Best Friend, Be Yourself, We play R-N-R, I Hate that ROCK ON. Those folks are Russians but American rhythms are there, in their songs , so stay alert and expect many stray bullets around your head while you getting into the music of this band... Motorhead with Lemmy is no more among us, but band like Portfire is, and perhaps they do not move music forward but with music that they have recorded for this album, they don have to. Do yourself a favour and get At The Wrong Time because it is the one you do not wanna miss out for sure.

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