BLACK CROWN "Caverns of Thantifaxath"

Black Crown is a two-man Black Metal band from Ohio formed in 2018 run by Haxxan member Jake Arnette (here known as The Mountain VVitch), who handles everything except the bass work, which is played by someone called Heretic. There is not a whole lot more info available on the band that I could find, but they clearly would rather the music speak for itself, as it is a slab of grim, evil Black Metal with the occasional nod to Death Metal in the riffing (unsurprising, since Jake was a bass player for Necrophagia before their demise). This is mostly mid-paced and heavy affair that focuses more on establishing dark and chilling atmospheres throughout the compositions, most notably on the venomous, borderline Death Metal track "Whore of the Qliphoth". That said, this remains a solid album throughout, and anyone in the mood for some Black Metal that is not above mixing in some Death Metal will find this to be a good time.

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