THE MALICE "Legions Of The Dawn"

The Malice are a collaboration formed in 2014 by underground veterans Hubertus "Hubbe" Liljegren and Claudio A. Enzler, here referred to as Nur-Adad and Samsu-Iluna, respectively. Technical Death Metal is the name of the game on their debut Legions of the Dawn, and while I am not normally too excited with the style, this is a solid example of how you do it properly. The closest comparison I can give is to Hate Eternal circa Conquering the Throne, albeit less blasty. The music is as detailed and complex as you would expect, but it also has the intensity and brutality needed to really sell it and is even capable of slowing down in spots. Nur-Adad clearly knows his way around an instrument, as he is responsible for the majority of them and handles each one with impressive professionalism, and Samus-Ilunas growls do a great job energizing the songs, sounding somewhere between Karl Sanders and Corpsegrinder as he does so. It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to technical music, especially considering how dry most of it is, but The Malice have done just that. Give them a listen and they may impress you too.

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