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WHILE THEY SLEEP - Les Fleurs Du Mal
WTS Les Fleurs

The second full-length album titled УLes Fleurs du malФ recorded by Kvolkaldur in the fall of 2016 and released in spring of 2017 by Symbol Of Domination and More Hate Productions. The second full-length album by the one-man depressive black metal formation from the Crimea! In this new work the author plunges deeper into the abyss of his own consciousness and depressive existentialism. The music becomes more sombrous, authentic and angry. The structure and the content of songs are mature, well thought out and diversified. Generally mid-tempo atmospheric raw and dirty black metal sometimes breaks into fast blast-beat attacks making the material of the album more aggressive and explosive in order to preclude listeners from complete vanishing into dark and hypnotically viscous sound substance. The music is topped with hissing and suffocating vocals of Kvolkaldur Ц the trademark of WHILE THEY SLEEP. It adds a perceivable infernal touch to this gloomy musical canvas! The album lyrics consist of the chosen poems by Charles Beaudelaire from his world-famous book УLes Fleurs du malФ.

Release date: 29.03.2017 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Black metal

dying cover

DYING - No Mercy For Us - MHP 17-224

Release date: 23.05.2017
Format: (CD+DVD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
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Hellbomb cover_MCD

HELLBOMB - Crown of Skulls - MHP 17-224

Release date: 11.05.2017
Format: (MCD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Black metal/ Punk-hardcore
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ungoliantha title

UNGOLIANTHA - Through the Chaos, Through Time, Through the Death - MHP 17-221

Release date: 20.04.2017
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Black metal
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SphereDemonis title

SPHEREDEMONIS - The Revelation Of The Pyramids - MHP 17-220

Release date: 10.04.2017
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Symphonic Death metal
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Pimeydentuoja title

PIMEYDENTUOJA - Hellcrowned - MHP 17-219/ SODP091/ BPR075

Release date: 31.01.2017
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
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