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AMMONIUM - Act of War

The second full-length album of the band from Izhevsk (Russia) playing bone-crushing death metal in the vein of Scandinavian titans Amon Amarth and Unleashed! Beyond all doubt it is their best and heaviest album to date! Despite the apparent straightforwardness, brutality and vigor, the album is equally melodic and stands out from the competitors owing to really interesting and diverse guitar lines evident from the very first album tracks.Professional and solid sound characteristic of this genre is in place: skin-tearing power saw of guitar riffery, rumbling massive bass, cannonade of drums and boiling lava of deep growl scorching all flesh. The vocalist proclaims the impending Judgement Day and total ammonification of everything. A great example of genuine andharsh death metal!

Release date: 05.09.2018 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Death metal

Space Hamster 001

SPACE HAMSTER - The Ascent to Nothingness - MHP 19-323

Release date: 14.06.2019
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Thrash metal/ Death core
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Epsilon cover

ARS NOCTURNA - Epsilon - NP-178-19/ MHP 19-321

Release date: 04.06.2019
Format: (Digi CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Oriental Dark Metal
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Aborted Fetus cover

ABORTED FETUS - Dark Legions Of Apocalypse - MHP 19-322

Release date: 22.05.2019
Format: (CD+DVD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
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Regnat Horrendum 2019

REGNAT HORRENDUM - Dogs of Christ - MHP 19-316

Release date: 05.04.2019
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Pagan black metal
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MParanoise title cover

MEGAKILL PARANOISE - Total Fucking Shame - NP-163-19/ MHP 19-318

Release date: 25.03.2019
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Hard core/ crossover/ thrash metal
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