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Montes Insania cover 2019

Three years after the release of the last full-length album, the Montes Insania project returns with a conceptual black metal album in Esperanto. Fikcia Erao is an appeal to the metatext of all modern music, to the baroque music, to the Old Testament of heavy music - Johann Sebastian Bach. This is mad in its aggression, the avant-garde interlacing of all directions of metal, academic and post-academic harmonies, this is a sonata composition filled with blast beats, these are crazy vocal declamations and heart-rending growling over deep parts of organ and strings. This is not symphonic metal, but antisymphonic, metasymphonic, in which academic parties are turned inside out, not smoothing sharp corners, but on the contrary, filling the composition with rigidity and perversion, known only at the dawn of music. The closest musical landmarks are Peste Noire, Septic Flesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Keep Of Kalessin, Arcturus.

Esperanto was chosen as a language without connotations, without unnecessary colors, associated with a historical period or culture. Selected as the most abstract of languages - to tell a musical story that is not related to the existing culture, not tied to any layer of art, a true story about reality and its knowledge. About illusions and metaphysics, about chaos, emptiness and the struggle of man in an aimless universe. A fight that can only be justified aesthetically - through music. The most uncompromising, the most multi-layered, the most unexpected and absurdly heavy. Inhumanly distant from the categories of music of happiness or suffering, reconciliation or rage. Music exclusively aesthetic categories, in which beauty and ugliness - not the stingy reflection of reality, but the end in itself of art.

Release date: 21.01.2019 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Avant-garde black metal

Epsilon cover

ARS NOCTURNA - Epsilon - NP-178-19/ MHP 19-320

Release date: 04.06.2019
Format: (Digi CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Oriental Dark Metal
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Aborted Fetus cover

ABORTED FETUS - Dark Legions Of Apocalypse - MHP 19-322

Release date: 22.05.2019
Format: (CD+DVD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
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Regnat Horrendum 2019

REGNAT HORRENDUM - Dogs of Christ - MHP 19-316

Release date: 05.04.2019
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Pagan black metal
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MParanoise title cover

MEGAKILL PARANOISE - Total Fucking Shame - NP-163-19/ MHP 19-318

Release date: 25.03.2019
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Hard core/ crossover/ thrash metal
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MX Cover

MX - A Circuss Called Brazil - MHP 19-312/ NP - 122 - 18

Release date: 21.03.2019
Format: (CD)
Status: (available)
Genre: Thrash metal
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