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Bog[~]morok is formed in the end of 1997 in Rybinsk as a project of the one person Morok. Alone he records three demos: Moroks tales 1998, Here is buried my heart 1999 and The angels birth 2001.In 2003 the project becomes a full-fledged band and records the album titled Azoic(CD Maximum, 2003). The album combines doom/ death metal with gothic metal sprinkled with some insights into electronic music and nu-metal. On the next album Stadiae II(More Hate Prod., 2005) the band turns away from its black/ death metal origins completely. The new style chosen by the musicians is called cyber metal.The music takes on a new, modern sound and combines such styles asindustrial, nu-metal, goth-metal and even some pop-music elements. The third album Syn.thesis(Sound Age, 2007) recorded in 2006 sustains the ideas of its predecessor but takes them to a higher level. During the same time period the band makes a low-cost video Stadiae II [woundedbrainmix].

In the beginning of 2010 Bog-Morok records the fourth album titled Decadance, 2010, self-released) and makes another video Genetically modified society. In 2011 the band makes a free internet release of the concert album "Live in Fishburg" recorded during the show in Rybinsk. The same year Bog-Morok records the new album Inevitability, Artificial Sun, 2012. This CD includes several new songs and some remixes. Besides, the band makes a video Inevitability.

In 2013 the long-awaited album "Industrialypse" comes out. Bog-Morok plays some shows to support the album, gets many positive reviews and gives dozens of interviews. During the whole 2014 Morok composes the new album, titled "Seven" (More Hate Prod., August 2015). 2016brings more changes:BOG-MOROK release on the Internet DigitalOccultism their most experimental album where industrial metalis mixed withdrum-n-bass, acidandblack-metal in a bizarre way.

Line up:

  • Morok vocals, guitars, bass, synths
  • Vladimir drums

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