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SCOLOPENDRA CINGULATA is formed back in 2013 in Pervomayskiy settlement (40 km form Shemonaikha, Republic of Kazakstan). During the first years of existence the band releases two demos via Grotesque Sounds Productions and Nitro Atmosfericum Records: The slave of the Darkness MC and The Dawn, pro-CDr. The material presented on these two recordings is a dirty and raw black metal with programmed drums and poor quality of mixing. In CIS underground these demos are far from being successful. However, it does not stop Satanica Productions (New Zealand) from reissue of both recordings in the end of 2014.

The same year the band begins performing live shows and recording the full-length album. In order to achieve the both of these far-reaching goals SCOLOPENDRA CINGULATA moves to Ufa (Russia) living in Kazakstan makes things more difficult. The band plays at local festivals and records the new concept-based mini-album Kuoltuu Kaikin Kohetah (All men are good when they are dead) later released on CD by the powers of darkness embodied in More Hate Productions and Narcoleptica Prod.

In the lyrics SCOLOPENDRA CINGULATA gives a philosophic interpretation of history. When the Knights of the Temple ran afoul of the Church they were anathematized. When the pride of the Reich extended to the neighbouring countries swastika was declared a symbol of terrorism Wars are the games of politicians who create suitable rules and laws within the society aiming at leading it by the nose. And there is no getting away from it even a small child has a thirst for violence in his blood. Killing is bad and abnormal, but even a religiously devout is unable to resist a slice of well-cooked lamb!

Line up:

  • SS - vocal;
  • Waah - bass;
  • Hulluenkeli - keyboards;
  • Aske - drums;
  • Otis - guitar;
  • Alatar - guitar.

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