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From Montreal Canada, Nervous Impulse is a pure death grind formation that plays exclusively raw and straight to the point intense music. Nervous Impulse was formed in October 2007 by Yan Chamberland on drums (ex-Empathy Denied/Obscene Crisis) to produce the most insane and destructive musical achievement he could ever imagine in his extreme musical mind. Yan recruited two young talented guitar players: Robert Guimond and Vincent Malo; also added later in 2009 was the furious bassist Felix Bourcier. The band now emerged as one of the fastest, sickest and most brutal bands out of the Montreal scene. Yan had a very distinct vision of the music; he wanted to have a vocal texture that goes beyond every limits of death metal. The loudest growls, grunts and screams imaginable. That is why he asked Eric Fiset aka The Canadian Godzilla (ex-Empathy Denied/ Obscene Crisis) to join his fight to create the ultimate in musical mayhem. You can hear the most inhuman vocals ever teamed up with machine gun blast beats and insane breakdowns on Nervous Impulses first Album entitled: Enough for Dementia. Nervous Impulses debut album was entirely produced and mixed by Yan Chamberland and Hugues Deslauriers (Augury, Clearwater Deathblow, Empathy Denied) who was clearly the best kept secret in the whole metal industry at the time! There were no effects or layers added to the vocals, it is totally pure and natural and yet achieved such an intense level of growling. Hugues is a very dedicated soundman and truly knows how to give justice to extreme music. The Enough for Dementia CD was acclaimed by many reviews/magazines and radio stations/web shows all over the world. The 3 five songs promo CD disappeared at the speed of light and set the tone for the overall reaction to the album. They appeared on several compilations and split CDs. Recognised for their bombastic live performances Nervous Impulse proved that there are no boundaries as to what they can achieve with the support of a crazy crowd. After several shows in the Quebec area in 2009/ 2010, they concentrated on writing new material which was more intense on stage. The fans were not disappointed!

2011 Marks a new era for Nervous Impulse with the addition of a highly skilled guitarist Bruno Mercier on lead guitars. With a stronger line-up than ever before and more straight in the face compositions, they are back with new material for their second effort. Their live shows proved again that they deliver and surpass the amount of aggression and intensity you get on the album.

May 2013, Nervous Impulse officially signed to the Canadian based label Blast Head Records in Nova Scotia. A great choice for both sides since the owner, Paul Shaw is truly dedicated to the bands and the underground scene. His goal is to push forward the material; he takes it to the next level in respect of the artistic content that the band wants to produce. Exactly the vision and the kind of integrity the band was searching for in a label.

February 2015, A second full length entitled Time to Panic is out on Blast Head Records. With this more mature effort Nervous Impulse intensifies the level of energy theyve been known for. 14 Tracks of Pure Insane Death Grind Fury!!! Hugues Deslauriers is back on the mixing table again for his signature sound. Mastering was done by Hugues Deslauriers and Christian Donaldson to ensure that the sound is massive enough to satisfy all fans of extreme brutality. The artwork and cover painting, (oil on canvas) is executed by Filip Ivanovic.

Line up:

  • Yan Chamberland drums;
  • Francis Cousineau guitars;
  • Vincent Malo guitars;
  • Felix Bourcier bass;
  • Eric Fiset - vocals

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