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FATAL ERROR is formed back in July 2006 in Perm (Ural). The first line-up consists of 3 members. Soon the guys record the first demo titled Global Defect. After a while FATAL ERROR finds a drummer and plays several local shows. The band undergoes frequent and numerous line-up changes many musicians from local brutal bands have played in FATAL ERROR. During this period the style of the band is influenced by such groups like Meshuggah, Mnemic, Hatebreed, Despised Icon and others. In 2010 FATAL ERROR records a three-song promo. The style of the record becomes significantly heavier according to the band it is a combination of Grind Core and Death metal. In the end of 2011 the debut album "Conglomerate" is recorded and released later by the famous Metal Scrap Records (the Ukraine). The album gets positive response and reviews, though the band is not satisfied with the sound quality. The guys overcome this weak spot with the new album. God of Endless Madness (LP) is recorded in 2013 at Angelrape Studio (Perm) and released by FONO (Moscow). The album features guest vocals performed by the vocalists of such local bands as MAIN STRIKE, FULL BODY TOURETTES, STOCKHOLM and ANTIOBSHCHESTVENNYI PORYADOK. The material and the sound of the new album are much more powerful as compared to the debut, and the distribution of the CD is much wider thanks to the label. In parallel with the concert activity FATAL ERROR records the third full-length album titled Skoto_otbrasivatel. The CD is released by More Hate Productions and distributed with the assistance of FONO.

Line up:

  • Alexandr Gordin- drums;
  • Vyacheslav Smirnov- voice;
  • Aleksey Beltukov- bass;
  • Dmitriy Boev- guitar.

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