Archaosifer cover

Under the dim light of the pentagram that is formed by the music and texts

The herald began formation untalentedly, proclaiming the Maledictory Manifesto

He marches donnish with the sounds of trembita. Listen to the Harbinger, jackals!

Its prophecy is beaten and thrown out by Whitehead into the Abyss of Infernal Glory

Naïve, but ambitious, he disappears in the infernal whirl

But continues the Profane Path to the Reign of DEATH destined by the Morning Star

Where the mother earth radiates with heat from crevices in which the plebiscitary ash is smoldering

On the eve of the Deadly Harvest, showing the Sickle, the Hungry Darkness becomes furious

The herald will declare the harvest time and after that - the Plague Feast Celebration

And expressing sincere feelings to God, will read servile psalms

When interpretations will be burned on fire of universal malevolence

Agasfer will go again to wander in the name, in honor, to the glory of Satan!

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