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The outstanding grind punk death-n-roll band GOREMbIKA is formed on a dark day of February 2013 out in the sticks of the Ukraine, in Berdyansk! As is usually the case, the formation of the band is the result of bad mood and excessive drinking! In the beginning GOREMbIKA is a true one-man project of comrade Vladimir Pasechnik! The name of the project (GOREMbIKA = poor wretch) perfectly describes both the style of music and life of its mastermind, exclusive of despondency and discourage! The release of unforgettable single Murlo (muzzle), has not only guaranteed Mr. Pasechnik the reputation of No.1 sex symbol of the Ukrainian grind stage but also attracted some talented musicians. Consequently, the one-man project of Vladimir becomes a fully functional band with compete line-up. Following numerous shows played in the Ukraine between winter and spring of 2014 the band releases (via MORE HATE Productions) a full-length CD Boyan. The sequel was not long in coming: the new EP Wrong Honey about the difficult life of bees is released in May 2015 and features such significant persons as Roman Kartashov (KRAWORATH), E.S. (DECAY OF REALITY), Dmitry Orlov (FETAL DECAY), Dmitry Shulgin (EBANATH), Aleksey Lapshov (PUTRIFICATION) and Dmitry Duzenko (DAVY JONES). During the summer and autumn of 2015 the band records the second full-length album "Mrakobesi" (Obscurants). The album is released in the end of 2015 by MORE HATE Productions.

Line up:

  • Pasechnik Vladimir Yurievich - vocal
  • Yakimenko Anton - guitars
  • Shevtzov Roman - bass
  • Evgeniy Tinkov - drums

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