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Death metal band ECLIPSE from Alchevsk, the Ukraine, is formed back in 1993. In 1994 the band consisting of Alexey Tyutchev (guitar), Alexander Tonkoshkur (drums), Alexander Shorokhov (bass), Alexander Domnikov (guitar) and Viktor Novikov (vocals) commences the composing of the first songs. However, by the end of 1994 Shorokhov and Domnikov quit ECLIPSE. In the beginning of 1995 Vitaly Nevedrov (bass) joins the band. In summer of 1995 ECLIPSE holds GRINDEATH MADNESS festival. The first demo titled Celebration of My Death (MC, 1996) is recorded in March, 1996 and released by Metal Scrap Production. In 1997 A. Shorokhov rejoins the band as a bassist, while V. Nevedrov takes over the guitar. Between 1997 and 1999 ECLIPSE is excessively touring in the Ukraine. In 2001 the band records Maniac Returns (demo, unreleased). In 2002 the down-time period begins. In the end of 2005 ECLIPSE begins the work at new material. In 2007 A. Tyutchev quits the band. He is replaced by Andrey Danko (bass). In the beginning of 2008 Vladimir Deev joins ECLIPSE following the quitting of V.Novikov. In summer of 2008 the band records the debut album in Beasts Records. Grind, Suffer, Dreams (full-length, CD) is released the same year by Metal Scrap Records. In spring of 2011 ECLIPSE records a new, more interesting and leading edge album. Before the recording of Triumph of the Pain A. Danko quits the band and V.Nevedrov takes over the bass guitar. The album is released by Metal Scrap Records and More Hate Productions. ECLIPSE keeps on playing live shows. For some shows Evgeniy Prytkov joins the band as a bassist. Between 2012 and 2013 a conceptual work titled Divine is recorded. However, due to the unstable situation in the country the release is postponed until 2016.

Line up:

  • Vitaly Nevedrov - guitars;
  • Vladimir Deev - voices;
  • Alexander Tonkoshkur drums.

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