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QUETZALQOATL (death metal) is formed back in 2012 in Engels (the Saratov region) by the two members of the local bands ReanimatoR and Manticora. Originally QUETZALQOATL is formed as a studio project spreading its songs across the Internet. By 2015 the band records the first demo titled Mictlan and releases it on the Internet. The first song from this demo is included into Saratov Independent Music 2014 compilation. The same year the musicians decide to assay their strength in live shows using pre-recorded backing tracks of drums and bass. Inspired by positive response from the audience QUETZALQOATL keeps on playing more shows. In the end of 2015 the limited edition of Mictlan is released on audio-cassettes by Narcoleptica Prod. The band actively participating in numerous gigs in Saratov and Engels becomes the prominent part of Saratov metal stage. During 2016 QUETZALQOATL is invited to support different Russian and foreign bands and participates in the loudest brutal event ever held in Saratov Metal Help Mission. In April 2016 QUETZALQOATL completes the recording of a debut album titled Uitzilopochtli. The album is released by More Hate Productions in summer of 2016. In 2018 Vadim ?rofimov (vocals) quits the band. Unable to perform live shows, the band focuses on composing new material for the next album.

Line up:

  • Grigoriy Karpov - guitars;
  • Vadim Trofimov - guitars, vocals (tracks 7, 8).
  • Guests:

  • Dmitrij Orlov - guttural voices/ screams (tracks 2,3,4,5);
  • Yuliya Hazova - screams/ growls (track 6);
  • Erika Sarkisova - vocals (track 9);
  • Aleksej Zhilyaev - bariton (track 6)

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