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DE SADE is formed back in the beginning of a cold January 2008 in the grey city of Saratov. The musical concept of the band is based on high-tempo music now and then turning into grind mayhem and hardcore slaughter, the lyrics are filled with inhuman horror, tortures, refined violence against both the living and the dead. Necrophilia, sadism, perversions, moral insanity and total intolerance are the result of delusional fantasies of the band members. Throughout the nine years of bandТs existance almost fifty or sixty musicians have played in DE SADE at different times. All of them had the same personal characteristics Ц unsociability, inconscient violence, inadequacy, obscure mindset. This fact had a significant impact on the music performed by DE SADE. The band has always been surrounded by the underground crowd consisting of artists painting bloody abstractions and scenes of perversions and murder, the disciples of Necrorealism, the most extreme and reckless representatives of rave culture, totally batshit jazzmen and, certainly, the most raunchy and sexual thrash models, whose bodies and dancing put metalheads into frenzy. DE SADE. To be continued...

The discography of the band includes three releases:

  • 1. "Soitie v gryazi" (Coition in the Dirt) Ц 2012 Ц consisting of early material composed in 2008 Ц 2010 and reflecting the development of the band;
  • 2. "Necropatologiya" (Necropathology) Ц 2013 Ц a garage-quality live demo recorded in dank, fuggy basements of rehearsal chambers;
  • 3. "Generator Zapreshchennyh Naslazhdeniy" (Generator of Forbidden Pleasures) Ц 2016 Ц the most high-quality release of the band introducing the ugliness of delusional fantasies of DE SADE members.

Line up:

  • Lis - guitars, vocals;
  • Blaznov - guitars;
  • Hirurg - bass;
  • KaiGEN - drums.

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