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Fulgurum is a one - man band created by Krignord in the years 2007 and 2008. The accumulation of negative emotions triggered the first attempt to convert them into music. The need to oppose many aspects of human existence derived from everyday experiences has been the driving force of Fulgurum. Fulgurum is the glorification of the radical individualism, Дfree spiritУ devoid of pseudo-moral restrictions imposed by religion and society. The basic assumption of Black Metal is the objection towards material consumptive lifestyle promoted in many societies in which self-development has been rejected making room for the acceptance of human frailty that is excused by religious delusion and hypocrisy. Being a kind of an extreme art, Black Metal is therefore a natural means of expression of feelings, which have been translated into the music of Fulgurum. The music is the result of different styles, however, it still oscillates within the borders of its kind. The climate and the atmosphere of the tracks can be most accurately described as Atmospheric Black Metal.

Line up:

  • Krignord - all music instruments, vocals.

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