Humanity Zero started in 2002 by Dimons Night as an one mans project. The concept was to record the music and spread it all around the world with every possible way. The band started playing death metal in the vein of Death, Hypocrisy, Unleashed, Nile, Immolation... Later Humanity Zero became a full band and Dimons Night continued his solo works in other projects such as Inhibitions and Aries. The main theme about Humanity Zero is to express musicians hatred and disgust for humanity through music and this is one of the reasons band do not give live shows. Group prefer to stay focused in their purpose and away from the light of the world. Every year since 2008 they recorded and published a full length death metal album to spread it around the world like a virus. From 2008 to 2014 and despite many line-up changes, the band managed to give birth to various releases, such as Humanity Zero (2008), In the Parade of the Ungrateful (2009), Death List (2010), Life In Para-Dies (2011), 2012 (2012), Execution Ground (2014). In 2017, after a 3 year hiatus, HUMANITY ZERO came back as a death/doom metal band with a new line-up. This year guys prepared a new album entitled Withered In Isolation with a different approach in what they want to share from their bowels. Despair and misanthropy showed their teeth as slow painful songs about nihilism, death and hate emerged from the fiery depths of catatonia. But time heals nothing In 2018 HUMANITY ZERO returns as a duet. Kydoimos (MISANTHROPY APOTHEOSIS) joins the band as the new vocalist/lyricist, Dimons Night takes over all the instruments and the new beast called Proselytism is born. That is not dead which can eternal lie

Line up:

  • Kydoimos - vocals;
  • Dimons Night - drums, rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards.

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