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MORIBUNDO - "Dying" in Spanish - is a newcoming Doom Death Metal band from Spain, formed in 2014 and featuring members from the Spanish underground scene such as BIZARRE, NANGILIMA, VANAGLORIA & ELDERDAWN. Mortvs Vyrr (Lyrics), Evilead (Music), and Luis M. Merino (Vocals) join forces to deal an eclectic kind of dark and melancholic Doom Metal, highly influenced by Death Metal sonorities. Expect a sorrowful scenario where harshness meets melody, in a stunning act full of deep growls, heavy riffs and thorough arrangements. "Raíz Amarga" ("Bitter Root" in Spanish) is the band first recording. The Spanish words Raíz Amarga - Bitter Root in English - could refer to the origin of someones suffering (the album cover shows the hand and wrist of a man who have committed suicide). A few words about the songs: "Vida" - Life in Spanish A journey through the human misery and the big lie of life. Antítesis - Antithesis in Spanish - A tale of lovelessness and conflicting emotions that reveals the frailty of the human condition. "Suicidio Ilustrado - Illustrated Suicide in Spanish A ride across the thoughts of a tormented soul before passing away. "Luz (Ciego Color)" - Light (Blind Color) in Spanish A dark mantra concerning Death as the only certain in life.Recorded & Mixed by Evilead at Bizarre Sounds Studio, Spain. Mastered by the producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (SWALLOW THE SUN, MOONSPELL, AMORPHIS, SENTENCED) at Yellow House Studio, Finland. Artwork by the Spanish artist César Valladares (ASPHYX, NECROPSY, NOMINON, ANATOMIA).

Line up:

  • Mortvs Vyrr - Lyrics;
  • Evilead - Music;
  • Luis M. Merino - Vocals.

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