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Verthebral is a death metal band originally from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, founded by guitarist Daniel Larroza in September 2013. The initial line up was composed by Daniel Larroza on guitars, Christian Rojas on bass/vocals and Gabriel Galeano on drums. The bands debut on stage was on 21/12/13 in Ciudad del Este - Paraguay. A fews months later Alberto Flores joins on second guitar and begin the recordings of the EP "Adultery Of Soul", this record had five tracks that follow the darkest and traditional line of death metal. This material was self released with independent production on june 2015, the EP had a good acceptance by headbangers and generated positive reviews. The band extensively promoted the material, playing periodically during 2015 and 2016, this was very important to consolidate Verthebral on the paraguayan underground metal escene. At the same time the band is still working on new compositions. At december of 2016 the band begins the recordings of what would be its first album, finishing the recording sessions in March 2017, the title chosen for the album was "Regeneration". The album was produced by Verthebral and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alberto Santacruz at Abato Records in Paraguay, "Regeneration" is composed by nine songs plus one intro with explicit sound references to classic bands within the old school death metal genre.

Line up:

  • Christian Rojas - bass/vocals;
  • Daniel Larroza - guitars;
  • Alberto Flores - guitars;
  • Gabriel Galeano - drums.

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