Gutted Bride band

GUTTED BRIDE is formed back in 2010 in Kirovsk, Murmansk region by Anton (guitar) and Alexander (drums). Until 2013 the musicians are busy with self-education and composing. In the end of 2013 Nikots joins the band. Until the middle of 2014 the trio plays instrumentals and works on new songs. Later Aleksey (bass) joins GUTTED BRIDE. Nikitos successfully tries his hand at vocals. For reasons unknown, three months later Aleksey backs off on music and moves to another town. The band is left without bassist once again. In order to solve this problem the guitarists are equipped with 7-string guitars and the band remains a trio. In April of 2014 GUTTED BRIDE plays its first show in "Gulfstream" night club (Murmansk). The show is a success and invitations to other concerts and festivals follow. In 2015 the band begins to experiment with recording. A half-year long recording process employing trial and error method alternates with regional live shows. In the middle of 2015 Anton comes up with idea of two vocals and begins practicing! From this time forward GUTTED BRIDE has two vocals, two guitars and drums. In autumn of 2015 the band records "Seizure of the Gods" for "Russian death metal vol. 3" compilation. The presentation of this compilation is held in Volgograd with the participation of GUTTED BRIDE. The reception is very good and leaves many positive impressions. This show brings the band more new fans. In the first half of 2016 Olga (bass) joins GUTTED BRIDE. The band begins the recording of a debut album along with a single titled "Condemned to death" for "Russian death metal vol. 4" compilation. In February of 2017 GUTTED BRIDE participates in "Coyote brutal fest-11” (Moscow). The album is finished by the middle of 2017 and released by More Hate Productions in autumn of the same year.

Line up:

  • Anton - guitars, vocals;
  • Nikita - guitars, vocals;
  • Olga - bass;
  • Alexander - drums.

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