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The band is formed back in 2011 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Russian Far East). The debut album recorded in Komsomolsk becomes a kind of starting point in the search for unique sound and style. This release gives BLACK SOUL BLADE a detached view of their music required to set further direction towards growth. Upon digestion of such a big load of food for meditation the band members move to St. Petersburg as they believe it is the best place for embodiment of their ideas, development of their style and polishing of their skills. The way to success is a thorny path: after some line-up changes, slow and lengthy development of new musical concept, search for new ideas and inspiration BLACK SOUL BLADE releases a single titled "I Want Out" and commences the recording of the full-length album later known as "The Masterpiece of Hate the title invented right before the release date. The recording turns out to be intense and challenging. The goal of the band is to achieve high quality and coherent sound of all songs, record them in professional studio and involve an experienced sound engineer who would become both a friend and a guide for the band. Finally BLACK SOUL BLADE manages to employ this approach yet not without some difficulties. While working on general sound of the songs the band has worries about losing the identity of particular instruments in a final mix after all, in a balanced line-up each member is a personality and he wants to prove it with his instrument however, the music of the band remains a common product. In the end the assistance and detached view?f the sound engineer help to reach a compromise and necessary balance. Now its time for the listeners to check this work out. The highest estimate for the band would be the phrase Ive never heard anything like this! It would prove the correctness of the direction chosen by BLACK SOUL BLADE. No need for unnecessary names and loud statements. All the band wants to say is in these 9 tracks.

Line up:

  • Andrey Kovalev vocals;
  • Iliya Bozhko guitars;
  • Alexander Sazonov drums;
  • Danil Li bass.

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