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NAVALM is formed back in 2009 in Sevastopol. From the very beginning the goal of the band is to play the most extreme music. Determination of NAVALM is confirmed with its debut Recovery of Syn? (2013, Metal Scrap Records). The album representing a mixture of thrash metal, death metal, grind core and death-n-roll gets numerous positive reviews from around the world. On "Secrets of the Black Sea" (2015, Irond) the band withdraws from experiments - this self-restrained album can be qualified as a pure old school death metal work. "Tyranny", the third full-length release of NAVALM and the result of almost two years of work, is a bright and colorful, moderately heavy and progressive, technical and melodic album. Inspired by warm reception of "Tyranny" by musical critics and satisfied with the final result the band commences the recording of the fourth album. The sound of "Nothingness" (2017, More Hate Production) is much clearer and thicker it is a true death metal, however, not lacking in melodic lines. Due to numerous line-up changes only two original members of NAVALM have remained in the band: Andrey Gonchar (guitar) and Ilya Pechenyuk (bass) the main composers of NAVALM to the present day. Instable line-up hinders concert activity of the band it takes too much time to learn songs with new members and compose new material. "Lunar Fields" the fifth studio album of the band is released by More Hate Productions in September 2018. The musicians are very satisfied with this album and consider it their strongest work so far. Thanks to the stable line-up NAVALM prepares a series of live shows in support of the new release. The characteristic feature of NAVALM is that each of their albums has nothing in common with the other both in terms of sound and mood. However, the fingerprint of the band is quite distinct.

Line up:

  • Antanas Butvila - vocal;
  • Andrey Gonchar - guitar;
  • Alex Timofeev - drums programming;
  • Ilya Pechenyuk - bass;
  • Svyatoslav Karpenko - guitars.

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