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PITCHBLACK is formed back in spring of 2016 in Saint Petersburg by Katrin Child, who is the thought leader, guitarist, composer, lyricist, concept maker and the second vocalist of the band. At the initial stage PITCHBLACK release three singles Graves, Shadow Game, Hope is Dead and the debut music video Graves filmed in their hometown. In January of 2017 Celestial Object single is released. In April of the same year the band opens for INSOMNIUM in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow. Soon Delirium Tremens (vocals) joins the band. Subsequently PITCHBLACK move to Moscow. In summer of 2017 in Moscow the band films another music video for Inhale the Gray and releases another single Wrestle My Demons. In autumn of 2017 PITCHBLACK re-release Celestial Object with Katrin debuting as a vocalist. In December of 2017 the bands debut album "All or Nothing" is released on CD by More Hate Productions, Narcoleptica Productions and United by Chaos Records. On December 9, 2017 PITCHBLACK present their debut album at their own festival BLACK UNIVERSE FEST. By the end of 2017 the band finds permanent bassist Reversing Explosion and drummer Blacklist. Year 2018 begins with epic shows PITCHBLACK in association with other top Moscow bands open for STIGMATA and RASHAMBA. At the moment the band is busy with preparations for intense Russian and European tour, release of new singles and organization of ambitious BLACK UNIVERSE FEST II singularity of which is inconceivable.

Line up:

  • Katrin Child - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics;
  • Delirium Tremens - vocals.

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