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WARSHIPPER, from Sorocaba/SP Brazil, was definitely formed in 2011 by the quartet Renan Roveran (ex-Bywar), Rodolfo Nekathor (ex-Zoltar), Roger Costa and Rafael Oliveira with the proposal to play extreme metal allied to other individual influences of the members of the band. However, the initial conception of the band occurred in 2008, under the title of Abduction, but at that time the project was discontinued and this name was used on an Bywar album. After a few local performances, the band begins the process of recording their first EP, entitled WORSHIPPERS OF DOOM, which was released in early 2015, only. With the album in hand the band began a series of presentations to promote the album, counting with the participation of Heverton Souza (Imperium Infernale, ex-Eternal Malediction) as lead singer of the band, after the bands decision to have a member dedicated to this position, that in the EP was played by Renan and Rodolfo. Also in this year, the bands first lyric video of the band Absence of Colors - The Obsolete was released, with a very obscure, dense and dark theme, as can be seen throughout the entire context of the album. After great performances in events of great expressiveness, in which the band had the opportunity to share the stage with names like Warrel Dane (ex-Nevermore / Sanctuary), Enthroned and Besatt, in the end of 2015 the band announced the departure of Heverton. Roveran and Rodolfo definitively took on the vocals, promoting a rather peculiar characteristic of the band that became one of Its brands: the vocal lines alternated by both. In the year 2016 the band also released the video clip of the band Warshipper, available on the YouTube channel of the band. After numerous concerts this year, the entire process of producing the new album in the Casanegra studio begins in 2017, which was accompanied in recording diaries made available on YouTube, divided into 4 parts. The production of the album was performed by Rafael Augusto Lopes (ex-Torture Squad, ex-Imminent Attack) along with the band, and the whole process was closed at the end of the year. Promotional materials were available prior to the release of the new album, entitled BLACK SUN. The band released a single titled Glowworm Dragon, a lyric video produced by Wagner Perna (Genocidio) of the title track Black Sun (Part I, II & III) and at the beginning of 2018 released the official music video of the music Rebirth, all also available in the band channel. At the beginning of 2018 the band also released the new album on the web (Spotify, Deezer, etc.) in order to anticipate the release of the physical CD that is scheduled to be released in February, 2018. The band will continue to perform gigs to promote the album and is planning a possible tour inside and outside the country, as well.

Line up:

  • Rodolfo Nekathor Ч bass;
  • Roger Costa Ч drums;
  • Renan Roveran Ч guitars, vocals;
  • Rafael Oliveira Ч guitars.

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