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Perversus Stigmata was formed in summer 2003. The new band was created by ex-members of such bands as Areb, Holocaust, Atra Mustum, Asguard and Anaesthesia. "Perversus Stigmata represents orthodox form of sympho black metal, there are no sweet melodies and other romantic excess. In its art Perversus Stigmata praises murder, hate and death. Creation of the band was inspired by Limbonic Art, early Behemoth, Emperor and Satyricon.

In august 2003 the band began convert their dark thoughts into musical art. Also, in autumn 2003 Perversus Stigmata performed some first live gigs in their home town Sergiev Posad. In autumn 2004 the first demo was recorded at home studio. The demo consists of 3 songs and was called Perversus Stigmata. Since 2005 the band performed live gigs in Moscow and other regions of Russia. In autumn 2005 Cassiopea (keyboards) has left the band, and soon after that Nikta took her place.

In 2008 the first full length album Interstellar Hatred Void was recorded at Moscow Sound Studio. In autumn 2008 the band was signed by More Hate Productions and in spring 2009 the debut album was released by label. At this time the band is creating the new material for the second release.

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