In Tenebriz project started in 2005. The author of texts and music (and at the same time and the executor) is one person, acting under the pseudonym Wolfir. But Katharos and Shoggoth, known for the Lauxnos, The Fall Of One Man, Emptiness Soul participated as vocalists at different times in the project. The early works of this project can be classifed as atmospheric dark metal with a bias for black metal, later followed by dark ambient/neoclassic albums. After several trial musical opuses in 2010, the first meaningful work of "Everfrost Symphony II" appears in the style of cold drone ambient, and in 2012 with the album "Kingdom Of Cold" a twist towards atmospheric dark metal is planned. The projects albums conceptually follow the theme of the seasons, where natural phenomena serve as a reflection of the inner experiences of the lyric hero. IN TENEBRIZ is a reflection of the inner world of its mastermind through the prism of music, a constant search for the light of creativity in the dark. The lyrics are dedicated to northern nature ("Kingdom of Cold"), Slavonic paganism ("Mysterious Winds from Ancient Past"), autumn melancholy and personal experience. IN TENEBRIZ cooperates with GMORK, ASTARIUM, MY DARK LAKE, KHLADNOVZOR, SOMBER, REGUL, NAPOLNENNIE PUSTOTOY, MERCIFUL DREAM and other friendly bands in the form of splits and collaborations. At different times physical copies of the bands albums have been released by Depressive Illusions, Kadaath Records, Firstborn Chaos Productions, Snail Prod., Dark East Prod., Hell Division. Internet releases were prepared by GV-Sound, Qulture, Ambition Foundation and Indie Label. "Winternight Poetry" (full-length, 2018) is a joint release of Symbol of Domination and More Hate Productions.

Line up:

  • Wolfir - all instrumets, vocals, lyrics.

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