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BLOODSHED ASSAULT is formed back in 2012 in Savonlinna, the capital of Saimaa Lakeland of Finland. The 4-member band soon becomes a trio when the original vocalist quits BLOODSHED ASSAULT and Bloodshed Commander (bass) takes on the role of both bassist and vocalist. The first demo is recorded only in 2015. It is a 4-track old-school death metal record. The second self-titled demo is released in 2017. This time the demo includes 9 tracks of fervent and aggressive old-school death metal. And, finally, the following year the musicians go back in studio to record new material for their debut album titled “The Black Wind of Death”. The 8-track release can be described as a combination of death metal and doom metal with some elements from other metal genres. The same year BLOODSHED ASSAULT signs a record deal with More Hate Productions. Album artwork is created by created by Askold from Godlike Ikons! Following several month of meticulous designing the album is released in October of 2018. So, the black wind of death blows from the northlands!

Line up:

  • Bloodshed Commander - bass, vocals;
  • Speedy Leslie - guitars;
  • H Destructor - drums.

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