SKVERNA is formed back in May, 2008 by Skull (bass) and Iscander (drums) the former musicians of SUMRAK (Veliky Novgorod). Upon reconsideration of their attitude to development of black art the musicians decide to play hardline and straightforward Black Metal. Soon after Impios (guitar/vocals) from NOROMI LUCALEN joins the band. During the summer of 2008 the trio prepares material for the debut album. Mixing and mastering of Iz Glubin Vosstan (Rise from the Depths) are finished in April, 2009. However, Impious quits the band in order to focus on his main project, and Skull takes on the duties of guitarist and vocalist. In September of 2009 the duo makes promo video for the song Izvrashchennaya Pokhot Vlasti (Pervert Lust of Power). The debut album and the video have become available on the Internet since November, 2009. In February of 2010 Dograf (bass) joins SKVERNA, and the band begins to work on the new album titled Suicide Impulse. Soon Dograf quits the band due to some contentious points. In May of 2010 Corvax joins the band as a free vocalist. Soon Slug (bass) also becomes a new member of SKVERNA. In spring of 2012 after the series of successful live shows SKVERNA is disbanded due to the conflict within the band. After four years of Chaos and Negative the band has ceased to exist. Nevertheless in August of 2012 Iz Glubin Vosstan (Rise from the Depths) is released by Depressive Illusions Records as a limited edition CD. In August of 2015 Skull and Iscander decide to revive the project with new musicians: Shaitan (guitar) and A.D. (bass). The band composes and rehearses new material. In June, 2016 a 3-song EP Gnosis is recorded. The musicians revise their early songs composed between 2010 and 2014, and record their second full-length album titled Suicide Impulse. During the recording process Ferios (vocals) joins the band. In June of 2018 Shaitan (guitar) quits the band. He is replaced by N.K. At the same time SKVERNA signs a contract with the famous Russian label More Hate Productions. Suicide Impulse is released in CD format by More Hate Productions in association with Narcoleptica Productions.

Line up:

  • Iscander - drums, vocals, texts, conception;
  • Skull acoustic, rhytm and lead guitars;
  • A.D. bass;
  • Shaitan - acoustic, rhytm guitars.

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