The band with a dominant name RECLAIM THE FUTURE is one of the brightest representatives ofSaint Petersburg Melodic Death Metal stage. The band begins to gain traction since its formation back in 2016. These musicians masterfully combine harmony and aggressiveness, drive and simplicity of perception. Vocals are confident, powerful and raucous. Stage presence of the band is impressive: RECLAIM THE FUTURE can present itself in a memorable way. According to the musicians, their music is influenced by such bands like DARK TRANQUILLITY,CHILDREN OF BODOMandIN FLAMES. In the opinion of both band members and their fans the most important thing about the live shows of RECLAIM THE FUTURE is continuous interaction between the band and the audience. In 2017 RECLAIM THE FUTURE made it to the semi-finals of EMERGENZA international festival. In autumn of the same year the band takes part in Tank Factor cover contest held by and enters the list of top ten winners. With one full-length album in its discography (The Last Quiet Day, 2016)and quickly growing fan-base RECLAIM THE FUTURE is a frequent guest at different venues ofSaint Petersburg. On their debut album the musicians tried to restore the atmosphere of Melodic Death Metal stageof the mid-2000s. The album title ("The Last Quiet Day") reflects the idea of re-creation of the very same sound missed by many fans of the genre.

Line up:

  • Mihail Zaharov vocals;
  • Aleksandr Trivien guitars;
  • Sergej Mihajlov bass;
  • Vasilij Gubar guitars;
  • Anton Tarasenko - drums.

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