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The band is formed far back in 1997 as a side-project of the members of NECROGENESIS and some other bands from Kostroma, Russia. After some time the band changes its initial name (HAPPY END) to IMPRESS. In summer of 1998 the musicians play their first show at Zheleznaya logika (Iron logic) festival with MORTIFER, NECROGENESIS and EXTINCTION, and prepare to record their first demo titled Manyak(Maniac). However, some creative differences result in disbanding of the first line-up in the end of 1998, in the middle of demo recording process. All musicians return to their primary bands. The band is reborn on May 1,1999 to play nu metal and hardcore with English lyrics. IMPRESS plays numerous shows in Kostroma, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl from different festivals and bike-shows to the City Day (2001) together with other rock bands. The same year the band releases its first Russian-language album titled Krajnie Mery (Extremities). In 2004 People Vlip (People in Ttrouble) EP is released. After the release IMPRESS takes a break followed by disbanding in the end of 2007. Another rebirth of the band begins in early 2011. Active rehearsals start fromSeptember of the same year. In 2015 IMPRESS records another EP titled Probuzhdenie (Awakening) with the following line-up: Alexander Udovichenko vocals, Ivan Mikheev guitar/backing vocals, Denis Babenkov bass and Ruslan Efendiev drums. The new concert program is mastered at different festivals in Ivanovo, Kostroma and Yaroslavl. In 2016 Evgeny Fedorov (drums) joins the band. The following year Denis Babenkov (bass) quits the band. He is replaced by Aleksey Ivanov. This line-up records Vyzhivayu (Surviving, full-length album) and Klochiya Sudby (Shreds of Destiny, EP) characterized by tougher and heavier sound along with more sullen and depressive lyrics. In spring of 2018 the band prepares to record a full-length album titled Dva Puti (Two ways). The album gets a positive review in Dark City magazine (4 stars out of 5). One year later IMPRESS begin the recording of a new album named after the famous Brest Fortress. Meanwhile Alexander Udovichenko (vocals) quits the band. However this fact plays into the handsthe rest members. Evgeny Gusev (vocals, also MAD MONKEYS) joins IMPRESS. As so many have noted, the new vocalist significantly contributed to improvement of the new, more hardcore sound of the band.On the next EP titled "Po Kusku Zemli Kazshdomu" (A Piece of Land for Everyone) the military storyline in the lyrics becomes even more prominent. Drums for this EP are recorded by Grigory Oborin (BURDEN OF HATRED, SADISTIC DEMISE). The new sound of the band can be characterized as thrash metal with hardcore elements - it is more tough, concentrated and hardline. The final album of the trilogy titled "Vrag Ne Dremliet" (The Enemy Does Not Sleep) is released in 2023.

Line up:

  • Evgeny Gusev vocals;
  • Ivan Mikheev guitar/backing vocals;
  • Aleksey Ivanov - bass;
  • Evgenij Fyodorov - drums.

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