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TRUPOVOZKA (Votkinsk, Russia) is formed back in 2005. The original line-up consists of: Denis (vocals), Sasha (bass), Vadik (guitar) and Lyonja (drums). Following several months of almost everyday practice the band plays its first hometown show in February of 2006. Drive and savage energy of this show do the trick TRUPOVOZKA becomes a welcomed guest at different metal festivals both in Votkinsk and nearby cities. However the increased concert activity takes too much time and in 2007 Vadik (guitar) quits the band. The band starts to search for a new guitar player and suspends other activities like rehearsals and shows. After some kind of audition the musicians decide in favor of a session guitarist Sergey. With Sergey TRUPOVOZKA resumes its concert activity and records a 3-song demo in 2009. In 2010 Sasha (bass) moves to St. Petersburg for private reasons and the band is put in stasis However not wanting to leave the composed songs unreleased TRUPOVOZKA consisting of Anton (guitar, Cerebral Abscess), Sergey (drums, Dormant Carnivore) and Denis (vocals, Festering Scabs) records its debut titledMiasma of human underside (2018). The plans of the band include live shows and release of the second album.

Line up:

  • Sasha bass;
  • Sergey drums;
  • Anton guitars;
  • Denis vocals.

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