The band is formed back 1992 in Kazan. The original line-up: Marat Abdullin guitar, Vladimir Bagryanov bass, Adel Rakhmatullin vocals, Dmitry Trishin drums. On October 4, 1992 the band plays its first live show. Service for the Dead the first cassette demo is recorded in autumn, 1993. In autumn of 1995 the band releases a concert demo "Being the Amorphous Ignorance". Here You Are! the debut full-length album is self-released in 1997 and followed by Defragmentation (2000, self-released). Throughout its biography the band has undergone numerous and almost complete line-up changes. The third full-length album "New Worlds End" (Mazzar records) is released in 2006. In 2010, having spent three and a half years on composing of 10 songs, the band almost breaks up due to communication gap. However in summer of the same year Dmitry and Konstantin bring the band back to life. One year later the new line-up returns to its death metal roots with a new concert program. In 2011 the band plays its first show with a new line-up opening for DERANGED. Later the band opens for DEBAUCHERY and KREATOR. "Missense Mutation" the new full-length album is released in 2018.

Line up:

  • Konstantin Chetverikov - guitars;
  • Elena Trishina - guitars;
  • Stanislav Korchagin - bass;
  • Denis Semenov - vocals;
  • Dmitry Trishin - drums.

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