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Once upon a time, in Spring 2013, Dutki (bass lover) and Denis (drunken head from a cockpit) met in one hollow pub in their city of Brno (Czech Republic): Hey, Cinzana Bianca is coming to its end, will we go to play for fun?. The answer was yes and the next day came side by side even Denis & Dutki with Motorak and Novas (both guitars). The space jockey Martin (VoKills) landed (literally) almost half a year later (fucking sluggard). Now the band is complete and after eternal discussions and thousand pints of beer the band name was done Denis and Motorak sadly abandoned the name I am Jongling with a Paranormal Parachutist of the Future in the Universe and decided that Space Hamster is the best name in the whole fucking universe. Calendar showed us January 2014 and Space Hamster recorded first promo material. After several member changes on the position of guitarist the bands line-up is stable again with Lenin (crazy, huh?). Now it is the moment, when Space Hamster arrived to the Otyns universe and recorded the Full-Length debut The Ascent to Nothingness released 1st May 2019.

Line up:

  • Martin Andonov vocals;
  • Martin Dutki Dutkiewic bass;
  • Patrik Motorak Lorenc guitars;
  • Peter Lenin Lenk guitars;
  • Denis Dicko Kudyn drums.

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