UNSU (Cloud Hand) is a 4 piece-band from Lille (North of France) created in 2009 with the aim to produce a mix of aggressive voices, blasting and grooving drums and powerful guitars. We started composing and acquire experience by making gigs and festival, decided to fix the foundation of our way and style thru the recording of the first EP MORAL DISTORTION in April 2010 in 2 days. One year later, a new recording session took place and 12 new trax were born. Half of them were out on a split with frenchies freaks Atara GRINDCORE IS A VIOLENT DRUG, the remaining trax were used for the second Ep THE FILTHY. Following this, we appear on different comps including In Grindo Veritas and Monsters, both of them on Kaotoxin Records. UNSU comes back in 2014 with a new line-up and the first album K.I.A.Ï (Kill Icons And Idiots) on a DIY way to combine savage blasts of raw noise with healthy lashing of big fat grooves. Since we started, weve been playing for lots of gigs in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, The Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and The United Kingdom on many pubs, basements, squats or fests and sharing the stage with many bands including Rotten Sound, Mumakil, Wormrot, Inhumate, Warfuck, Whoresnation and many many others. In spring of 2018, the band get started composing again to record a new stuffs which will be released in the beginning of 2019 released on More Hate records. The 3 way split DAILY GRIND was born in January featured Nervous Impulse (Canada) & Anüs (Sweden). Our second album DARKEST IN THE SUN came into June 2019 to spread the filth at fast pace.

Line up:

  • Manuel Grimaux vocals;
  • Michael Leroy - bass;
  • Mickael Hivin guitars;
  • Adrien Voisin - drums.

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