The band is formed back in 2011 when the former members of VITAL PROCESS (melodic death metal) Timur Kerimov (drums) and Evgeniy Chistyakov (guitar) join their forces inspired by the new wave of thrash metal (in the vein of such bands like NEVERMORE and THE HAUNTED). In the course of time riffs and melodies shape into songs. One year later (in 2012) Vladimir Gushuley (bass) joins the project and gives it a name - ERYX. The project turs into a full-fledged band 6 months later when with Mikhail Gorchakov on vocals. This line-up composes about four songs two of which are later recorded in a home studio and distributed via social networks.The band plays several local shows. In 2014 Mikhail quits ERYX. He is replaced by Anton Kornilin.With the new vocalist the band works on its new material adding some groove and hardcore elements to the sound.In November 2016 in collaboration with Joey Concepcion (USA guitarist, played in ARMAGEDDON, ARCH ENEMY) ERYX release Stop to Dream single well sold on digital platforms and included to "Volga Metal Compilation" (released by More Hate Production). Kings of nothing life single released in 2018 becomes the opening track of the second part of the compilation released by the same label.ERYX have shared stage with KORROZIA METALLA (Russia), IZMOROZ (Russia), ROSSOMAHAAR (Russia), NIGHTRAGE (Sweden), RISE TO FALL (Spain), SUBDIVISION (France), DREAMSHADE (Switzerland), TO KILL ACHILLES (England) and participated in some big festivals. In 2019 the band records its debut album with the assistance of "Jago Studio". The album is produced by "Slaughtered studio". It is that very case when the album is worth many years of waiting even despite some doubtfulness in successful completion of the work. However those who know how to wait get the best of everything, and now the album is released by More Hate Productions.

Line up:

  • Evgeniy Chistyakov guitars;
  • Timur Kerimov - drums;
  • Vladimir Gushuley bass;
  • Anton Kornilin - vocals.

Social networks:

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