Inhibitions - black metal band from Athens formed in 2008 by Dimons Night (from bands Horrorgraphy, Humanity Zero, Misanthropy Apotheosis). At the beginning they were an one mans band. For the first 3 demos responsible for the vox was Coprojunkie who was later in 2016 replaced by Pain. Pain also helped with a lot of guitar parts for the first bands CD "Flames Of Desolation". In 2018 the same members from the first album recorded their second full-length symphonic black metal tornado with the title "La Dance Macabre" which was released by Satanath Records and Ira Aeterna. In 2019 they recorded their third CD "With The Fullmoon Above My Head" with no longer symphonic parts because they wanted to show the hatred, the ice cold feelings and the psycological problems through the dark lyrics and sinister guitar riffs. All these years Inhibitions use a variety of all the black metal genres in order to create their sound. In the Inhibitions songs you can find depressive slow doom black metal melodies but also you can find more extreme parts with aggresive Norwegian elements. Their basic influences are: Burzum, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Satyricon, Immortal, and a lot of other black metal artists who tend to experiment and evolve! Artwork by MenggilaSenja.

Line up:

  • Pain - vocals, guitars, lyrics;
  • Dimons Night - guitars, bass, drums, keyboards.

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