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ZOMBIE ATTACK are formed in Kiev, Ukraine, back in 2010 by the university friends Dima, Sasha and Artyom. The last one actually came to the rehearsal to drink some beer and ended up singing. The first line-up also includes Pasha (currently in WarWar). These guys had only one aim - to play fast music, as all of them were the fans of thrash metal. Some time later Aleksey (bass, currently in RE:Spawn) joins the band. This line-up plays the first show of the band in Boryspil (apart from the spontaneous performance (a drunken haze) in 2010 during the visit of Moscow rock-n-rollers Blood Pollution). In 2011 Nikita joins ZOMBIE ATTACK and the band goes to Zhitomir to record its debut СDead&DrunkТ released later the same year by Lunatic Productions. Besides playing numerous shows in 2012 the band releases a new single titled "Born for Mosh". In 2012 Dima (guitar) quits ZOMBIE ATTACK and the band becomes a quartet. In 2013 the band participates the large festival Metal Heads Mission and actively tours Ukraine. During the recording of the full-length album "Through the Circles of Hell" Nikita quits ZOMBIE ATTACK. The band finds a new guitarist Biofitz (Adharma), records and releases the album with him. The release is supported by live shows both in Ukraine and neighboring foreign countries. In 2014 Sasha (drums) and Aleksey (bass) quit the band. Yura moves to bass guitar and Ivan (Amphibian Man, Adharma) joins as a drummer. In 2015 ZOMBIE ATTACK release a new single "Possessed to Play Fast" with a video and keep on touring Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Moldova. In 2016 Yura (bass) quits the band, Ivan moves to bass and Dima (Rehabilitator) joins as a drummer. In 2017 ZOMBIE ATTACK participate the large festival RockStadt (Romania) and actively tour. Between 2018-2019 Dima (drums) quits the band and Anton (Warning Fog, Foible Instinct, Deathbiter, Bomg) joins as a drummer. In 2019 the band tours the Baltic states Poland and Belarus together with Kharkiv hooligans Knifeman. In the end of 2019 ZOMBIE ATTACK support their second album "Bonded by Beer" with Prosfora tour (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria) together with Knifeman and Warning Fog. Despite the restrictions the band plays several shows in Kiev and Odessa in 2020 and continues composing new songs.

Line up:

  • Artem - vocals;
  • Anton - drums;
  • Ivan - guitars;
  • Alex Ч bass.

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