International power metal project Valentin Lezjendas Speed Of Darkness was founded in 2016 by science fiction writer Valentin Lezjenda (Kharkov / Ukraine) and guitarist Evgeniy Sirota (Minsk / Belarus). The debut single of the project "New Way" was released at the end of 2016, and the debut EP "Era of the Black Sun" was out as a digital release in the next 2017th year. Not being limited by Russian-language releases, the authors of the project also record English-language versions of their Russian songs. As a result, the release in 2018 of a fully English-language EP called "Believe Me". This EP was released on CD by the Moscow label "Metalism Records". The disc featured the famous Spanish power metal singer Elisa C. Martin ("DARK MOOR", "Dreamaker", "Fairyland"), who decorated the opening track of the EP with her powerful vocals. The release was positively met by power metal fans, who noted the European sounding of all songs, which is unusual for the CIS. At the beginning of 2021, the project moves to the new label More Hate with its first full-length Russian-language album. In parallel, the authors of the project are working on a full-length English-language album with the participation of new honored guests from Italy, Sweden and the USA.

Line up and guests:

  • Evgeniy Sirota - music, guitrs, bass, keyboards;
  • Valentin Lezjenda - lyric, music, conception;
  • Victor Smolski (Almanac, RAGE, Kipelov, Germany) - lead guitars (treck 7);
  • Ivan Zhernovkov (Arteria, Russia) - vocals (track 1);
  • Federico Lucchi (Skycrater, Italy) - guitars, bass, keyboards (track 10);
  • Michael Pesin (Herman Frank, Victory, Thomsen, Germany) - guitars (track 1);
  • Ingo Luhring (Thomsen, Germany) - bass (track 1);
  • Maximiliano Pistara (Hadalunna, Argentina) - keyboards (track 7);
  • Artemiy Ryabovol(December XII, Russia) - vocals (tracks 5, 6, 8);
  • Nikita Gajdukov (Chame-leon, Russia) - vocals (track 10);
  • Timofej Dvoreckov (Galathea, Russia) - vo?als (track 2);
  • Stanislav Proshkin (Defiant, Ukraine) - vocals (track 3);
  • Evgenij Tokarev (CHernichnyj lev, Russia) - guitars, bass, vocals (track 5);
  • Anton Tihonovich (AlmaDyne, Russia) - guitars. bass, keyboards(track 4);
  • Dmitrij Suvorov (Sorrowful Knight, Russia) - keyboards (track 9);
  • Jurgen Thunderson (Holy Dragons, Kazakhstan) - guitars (track 11);
  • Vitalij Abramovich (Gods Tower, Belarus) - lead guitrs (track 03);
  • Maks Ryanskij (Forces United. Russia) - lead-guitars (track 8);
  • Sergej Ivanov (Crimson Cry, Russia) - lead guitars (track 8).

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