The idea to form a band appeared long ago. The style of the music of Put Solntsa the band masterminded by Miron (vocals) started to change. There was a strong desire to play thrash metal back from the 90s, when it had blown your head off and excited your brain. The right time came in 2020 during the global lockdown. Friends and colleagues from Mirons former bands participated in recording of the debut. The drums were recorded by A. Smirnov. In his new studio he also recorded and mixed all the instruments and was responsible for the sound in general! Bass was recorded by Glen, who played in Put Solntsa for a while and helped with some live shows. Solos for some songs were recorded by Ivan Shirokov - his guitar can be heard on the debut album of Put Solntsa. By the end of the recording, A. Sivirin, the current guitarist of Put Solntsa, also joined the project. Upon completion of the recording process the decision was made to perform the new songs live with all the members of Put Solntsa.

Line up:

  • Miron vocals;
  • A. Smirnov drums;
  • A. Sivirin - guitars;
  • Glen - bass;
  • Vano - guitars (tracks 3, 5, 6).

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