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Negrokolobock - the former drummer and the founder of D.E.F.A.M.E. traitorously sold by the bandmates into slavery to alien reptiloids and deprived of the music he composed - comes back to life in a new guise. Subjected by perverts from Nibiru to inhuman experiments in swapping of human and animal genetic material, he mutated into a creature named Bobcat Hissing. Fortunately one of the reptiloids turned out to be Dave Mustaine - Bobcat-s buddy from his time in Hangar 18. Dave had experienced a similar situation with his music stolen by former bandmates. He showed compassion for Bobcat and interceded for him with his alien masters. Following the recovery period Bobcat returned to the musical scene in 2021 with MEMOBLASTOMA - his solo project that combines bone-crushing goregrind with a relic virus technology of memes and funny pics stolen from reptiloids and used by the aliens back in the days of Ancient Egypt.

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  • Bobcat Hissing – absolutely all the bullshit!!!

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