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Black/Death/Doom metal project from Eastern Siberia, Transbaikal territory, is formed in September 2006 by Brutal Baphomet (vocals, guitars, keys, drums, and samples), Immortal Demon (backing vocals, guitars) and Mastermah (R.I.P.) - bass. In the early years (2006 - 2009) the band worships hard-line raw black metal. In 2007 EVILGOD release their first demo titled "Black Messiah". The next album titled "Temple of Sins" (full-length, 2009) is laced with symphonic samples. The band continues its experiments with synthesizers and releases "Spawn of Hate, Spawn of Suffer, Spawn of Hell, Slayer of Flower..." in 2011. During the early years EVILGOD experience numerous line-up changes. In 2015 the band releases "Time of Madness" ?? consisting of re-recorded old songs and a couple of fresh tracks with new sound. "Eritica" EP released in 2021 includes several variations on a new song titled "Ave Black Melal" and two previously unreleased works. The same year EVILGOD release cassette albums with live shows played over the years. Between 2021 and 2022 the band records "Gods, Beasts, Death" This album demonstrates mature musical direction of EVILGOD and their own concept wthin the framework of the initially indicated genres.

Line up:

  • Brutal Baphomet Ц vocals, instruments, all music;
  • Silent Ц guitars, bass;
  • Silence Ц bass, drums;
  • Styx Ц sound.

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