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BUTTERFLY TEMPLE are the legendary founding fathers of the Russian pagan/folk metal movement. The band is formed in Moscow back in 1996 by Lesyar (Aleksey Agafonov, vocals), Aven (Sergey Avanesov, keys) and Mikhail Shmatko (guitars). Throughout its history BUTTERFLY TEMPLE undergo numerous line-up changes. Many musicians and persons famous today have played in the band at different times. Finally from the hundreds of "promising" no-names the band turns into the undisputable leaders of the Russian independent rock scene. One of the reviews published on Metal Observer website (Canada) says: "BUTTERFLY TEMPLE are the biggest band in Russian folk metal. Their dominance on their native scene is so prominent, that when you listen to any Slavonic folk metal band Ц you will definitely find the reminiscences of BUTTERFLY TEMPLE." Truer words have never been spoken. The discography of the band includes 10 studio albums, one split and one compilation.


  • 1999 Ч "Veles"
  • 2001 Ч "Koleso Chernoboga"
  • 2002 Ч "Sny Severnogo Morya"
  • 2003 Ч "Tropoyu krovi po vole Roda!"
  • 2005 Ч "Vremya Mari"
  • 2006 Ч "Za Solnzem Vsled"
  • 2010 Ч "Zemlya"
  • 2012 Ч "Dyhanie"
  • 2015 Ч "Vechnost"
  • 2020 Ч "Volchie Solnce"
  • 2022 - "Okolnoe bratstvo netlennogo mira"

Line up:

  • Andrej Matyushenko Ч vocals;
  • Aven (Sergej Avanesov) Ч keyboards;
  • Mihail Shmatko Ч guitars;
  • Valerij Ostrikov Ч guitars;
  • Viktor Pryazhnov Ч bass;
  • Miron Ч drums.

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